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Welcome to My Own Tutor

  • Complete peace of mind in learning support for your children
  • Personalised Study Support Plans for each student
  • Regular Diagnostic Assessments to check progress
  • Regular study reports to keep you informed
  • Unique and proven techniques in motivating students to study and practise
  • Qualified teachers to give help when it is needed
  • Comprehensive subject coverage

My Own Tutor provides a comprehensive learning support service for families throughout the UK. My Own Tutor has been designed by an expert group of teachers and parents who know what families need to help their children navigate through the educational journey that they are taking. We know how difficult it is to make sure that our children are getting the best support. We know how difficult it can be to make sure that our children are not falling behind. We know how important it is to be able to help children with their school and homework at times when they need it. We know how difficult it is for parents to provide all of the help that their children need with their learning.

The Service

The service which My Own Tutor provides has been specifically designed to provide answers in all of the areas in which parents and their children experience anxiety about their education.

My Own Tutor works with students to help them:

  • achieve their best possible results.
  • identify where they are having difficulties and to give them teaching to overcome those difficulties.

My Own Tutor:

  • has been designed to help to motivate children to practise their schoolwork as much as possible, using systems that have already been proven with over 120,000 students in over 400 schools.
  • understands the budgetary difficulties which many families face in trying to help their children get the best from their education.
  • represents outstanding value in a tutoring service, through its qualified teachers, as well through a Personalised Study Support Plan for each student.